Statement on Equity

Partnership Statement on Equity

The South Coast Youth Safety Partnership stands in solidarity with our community in our pursuit of equity and justice. We are committed to increasing community safety while addressing root causes of violence, the lack of economic opportunities, and supporting systems change, as well as reducing racial and ethnic disparities. 

As a Partnership, our work extends over a decade of a collaborative effort to reduce youth and gang violence and build safe and healthy communities for our youth and their families. Since the Partnership’s inception in 2009, we have embraced the following priorities:  

• We value our youth and work hard to identify opportunities and critical resources for marginalized youth. 

• We work to build safe communities that include economic and education opportunities. 

• We build trusting relationships through work, dialogue, and sharing outcome data. 

• We believe in a shared responsibility for meeting challenges and finding solutions. 

In continued partnership with communities in the Central Coast region, we commit to creating a unified response that allows community voices to be heard and acknowledged. We continue to promote the use of restorative approaches in schools, social justice in the community, and alternatives to incarceration through diversion programs and other community-focused solutions. 

With time, dedication, and courage, we continue to help the youth of our communities become empowered to fulfill their potential and realize their dreams. 

South Coast Youth Safety Partnership